SENSE presentation at OSEG

Time and place: 19 November, Oslo.

SENSE project was presented at OSEG/UiO seminar: HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING, November 19, 2019, University of Oslo.

Presenting the SENSE project
Project Coordinator, Bahman Bohloli, presented SENSE project to the members of Oslo Society of Exploration Geophysicists. The main focus of the meeting was “hyperspectral imaging” by Trond Løke, CEO at HySpex and “Spectroscopic remote sensing” by Raymond Kokaly & Todd Hoefen, USGS, se details here.

This was a very good opportunity to talk with and discuss the project idea with experts that are not very much involved in CCS. However, their expertise can be of great help for challenges related to CO2 storage projects.

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