Meeting between ACT monitoring projects

Time: 14 December 2019.

  • Pre-ACT

A video meeting was held between the four ACT projects on monitoring, 14 December 2019. The project leaders gave an overview of the projects followed by discussion on possible collaboration. Some activities were planned as a follow-up of the meeting:

  1. Participation in Vinterkonferanse (Geology Winter Conference) in Oslo in January
  2. Participation in the “4th International Workshop on Offshore CO2 Storage at University of Bergen in February 2020 to hold another meeting between ACT project partners for planning collaboration in 2020

A common meeting between SENSE and ACTOM & DIGIMON will be planned in mid-2020 before designing injection at Bay of Mecklenburger offshore Germany. This will provide possibilities for ACTOM and DIGIMON to come and acquire additional data than SENSE have planned to collect.