Technical Program

The 3rd JTC1 workshop will be held on 7th-10th June 2023 in Oslo, Norway.

The technical sessions will be held on Thursday (8th) and Friday (9th), with an Icebreaker on Wednesday evening (7th) and a case study and lab visit at NGI on Saturday morning (10th).

The program will include five keynote lectures, five invited lectures, the 3rd Hutchinson Lecture, as well as themed sessions.

A poster session is also planned.

A detailed technical programme with information about the technical sessions will come soon!

3rd Hutchinson lecture

The 3rd Hutchinson lecture will be delivered by prof. Clarence Choi, The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Hong Kong.

Keynote lecturers

The topics for the workshop sessions are:

  • Numerical modelling of landslides;
  • Impact of climate-driven perils and climate change on landslide hazard;
  • Landslide mobility, runout and impact forces;
  • Monitoring and early warning systems for landslides; 
  • Landslide hazard and risk – Assessment and mitigation.