WP 1

Measurement of ground movement


Christian Berndt cberndt@geomar.de    

The objective of WP1 is to develop and test novel technologies that will be used to acquire high-accuracy and cost-efficient surface motion data due to injection; and to provide realistic geomechanical boundary conditions as inputs for other WPs.

Sampling and injection operation will be carried out using an equipped research ship (Courtesy GEOMAR)

We will acquire data, analyze and demonstrate uplift or subsidence patterns at ground surface or at seafloor as a result of injection or production. This will be carried out for onshore and offshore cases. SENSE considers three candidate test sites of Hontomín-Spain, UK onshore, Bay of Mecklenburger-Germany, and two case studies for utilizing available data; Troll Field and the Gulf of Mexico.

Seismic cross section of the injection site, Bay of Mecklenburger (Courtesy GEOMAR)

At the test sites, we will use recently developed technologies to measure seafloor movement through onshore/offshore campaigns including InSAR solutions, geodetic measurements with transponders, repeat surveys with remote operated vehicle (ROV) or autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), high-precision pressure sensors and fiber optic strain cables.

Participating persons:
Jens Karstens: jkarstens@geomar.de  
Ola Eiken: oeiken@quadgeo.com
Ceri Vincent: cvi@bgs.ac.uk
Luke Bateson: lbateson@bgs.ac.uk
Per Magnus Sparrevik: per.sparrevik@ngi.no
Malte Vöge: Malte.Voege@ngi.no
Regula Frauenfelder: Regula.Frauenfelder@ngi.no
Ivar-Kristian Waarum: Ivar-Kristian.Waarum@ngi.no
Amirali Soroush: Amirali.Soroush@csiro.au